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Raikkonen believes title possible

One year of experience with the team and a clearer identification of the car weakness points should help.
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013 (F1plus Team).- The 2007 Formula 1 Champion stoic tone of voice sent -nevertheless- a positive message; Lotus is totally capable of winning races and titles. These optimistic words were also met by a degree of self-awareness about what the rest of the field, “the competition” will bring.

Yesterday, Lotus unveiled its new car -the E21- for the 2013 season at Enstone headquarters via its YouTube channel. The E21 bears a close resemblance to the E20 which earned a third place for team in the championship standings while claiming a victory in the process –its first since the 2008 Japanese GP- on the hands of the Finnish driver at Abu Dhabi.

Raikkonen believes there was room for improvement –like qualifying for example- but again, there’s always a degree of uncertainty that won’t dissipate until the first rare in Australia. However, last year it took about seven races to have clearer picture.

"Of course there is. But it's not going to be easy to improve what we did already last year," Raikkonen said. "But that's our aim; to do better. Not just for the drivers but for the team also and hopefully we can do it.

"We try to improve on all the areas and for sure if we can qualify higher up it gives you a much better chance to win more races and it makes your life much easier on race days. But it's the whole package that we try to make faster and hopefully we can do that."

For the Finn, having a year of experience with the team will definitely be a plus element.

"We all start from the same zero points and it should be a bit more easy because I know all the people and the people know me now, it's much easier to go to the first race for sure. It doesn't mean it's going to give us a better result; hopefully it will and that's what we're hoping for.

"We had a contract and I've been very happy with all the people and with the team so I don't really see the point in going anywhere else. But I had a great year; of course we want to achieve better results this year as a team but as I said if you're happy somewhere I don't really see the point in going anywhere else."

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