Monaco GP Driver by Driver recap

For Rosberg the weekend was just a perfect one, the opposite can be said about Felipe Massa. Let's have a look a each driver.
Monday, May 27, 2013

May 26th, 2013 (F1plus/R. Baillie).- The Monaco Grand Prix always promises some action, though there’s never a huge amount of overtaking. We saw some brilliant overtakes from the likes of Adrian Sutil, while other drivers had fairly quiet and incident free races and didn’t do much at all.

Nico Rosberg - Mercedes
Nico Rosberg controlled the race from lights out to the checkered flag around the streets of Monaco, taking his second race win.
To make things better for the German, he and his father Keke, are the only father and son to have both won at Monaco.

Sebastian Vettel
The defending champion had a quiet day out in Monaco. The reigning World Champion was disappointed that he hadn’t managed to qualify ahead of the two Mercedes but felt confident he could overtake them during the race.
Unfortunately it was not to be and despite an impressive start he just couldn’t find his way past Lewis Hamilton and had to rely on Hamilton getting unlucky when pitting during the Safety Car period to promote himself to 2nd place.

Mark Webber
Traditionally Webber does well around the streets of Monaco, having won here twice in the past three years. Like his teammate he also had a fairly quiet race and also had to rely on Hamilton’s bad luck to promote him one place.
He also didn’t ever seem close to catching his teammate, whether that was a genuine issue due to pace or tyres, or the team enforcing team orders rather than risk the pair coming together remains to be seen, though I’m sure Webber’s pretty happy to have taken third place at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton was another driver who had a fairly quiet afternoon. He spent the first half of the race behind teammate Nico Rosberg, only losing out when he pitted under the safety car and the two Red Bulls managed to pass him while he was in the pitlane. He tried a few moves on Mark Webber throughout the race but was unable to get past him and finished in fourth place.

Adrian Sutil - Force India
Since returning to the sport at the beginning of the year Adrian Sutil has only had a couple of opportunities so far to show just how talented he is. Today was one of those opportunities which saw him pull of two daring overtakes through the Loews Hairpin, once on Button and once on Alonso. Those moves enabled him to finish in 5th place keeping them ahead of McLaren in the Constructors Championship.

Adrian Sutil had a remarkable race by finishing 5th. 

Jenson Button - McLaren
Within the first few laps of the race Jenson Button was heard complaining on team radio about teammate Sergio Perez turning in on him. The inter team battle didn’t stop there when Perez gained a position at the chicane and failed to give it back to Button until a few laps later.
Later in the race Button was able to capitalize on Alonso trying to pass Raikkonen and managed to sneak past the Spaniard at the Loews Hairpin.

Fernando Alonso - Ferrari
The Spaniard appeared to have been caught napping a couple of times throughout the race, which isn’t something we ever really see. During the race we heard that Ferrari thought Alonso’s lack of pace was due to debris caught in his front wing. After the race Alonso commented that even during the start of the race, before part of Perez’ McLaren began entangled in his front wing, the car was lacking pace and wasn’t able to challenge his rivals.

Jean-Eric Vergne - Toro Rosso
Jean-Eric Vergne was yet another driver who had a nice clean and quiet race. Vergne started the race in 10th place and managed to make up 8th place, proving his worth in case Mark Webber does decide to leave Red Bull, leaving Verne and his team mate as prime candidates for his replacement.

Paul di Resta - Force India-Mercedes
Paul di Resta was one of the first drivers to pit, which unfortunately meant he found himself at the back of the pack in 19th place due to all of the drivers being close together at the start of the race.
Once he’d managed to make his way through the pack he had a pretty good race setting a couple of fastest laps and pulling off a couple of great overtakes. The Scotsman finished in 9th place picking up two points for his team.

Kimi Raikkonen - Lotus
The "Iceman" didn’t have quite the race he was hoping for after starting the race in 5th place and finishing in 10th place after making contact with Perez while trying to overtake him going into the chicane.
For a few laps Raikkonen was at risk of breaking his record of 31 race finishes within the top 10. The Finn then drove like a man possessed and managed to grab 10th place on the very last lap, making it 32 race finishes within the top 10.

Nico Hulkenberg - Sauber
We hardly saw Nico Hulkenberg during the race, we only really saw him on the last lap when Kimi Raikkonen managed to overtake him to make his way into the points, which will no doubt frustrate Hulkenberg who was probably looking forward to picking up a point for his team.

Valtteri Bottas - Williams
Yet another driver who had a quiet race in Monaco, only making up two places throughout the race to bring the car home in 14th place.

Esteban Gutierrez - Sauber
As with his teammate Gutierrez was near enough non-existent during the race, meaning he didn’t make any incredible overtaking maneuvers, though that also means he didn’t do anything too bad or make any stupid mistakes.
The young Mexican finished in 13th place, only two places behind his teammate Nico Hulkenberg proving that he has got the pace to keep up with him.

Max Chilton - Marussia
Chilton took a gearbox penalty meaning he started the race in last place on Sunday morning.
On lap 6 we heard his engineer telling him to speed up followed by Bianchi’s engineer telling him that if Chilton didn’t speed up the team would ‘do something about it’.
His race was fairly quiet up until lap 46 when Chilton failed to notice Maldonado alongside him and forced him into the barrier causing the race to be red flagged. The stewards later investigated the race and gave him a drive through penalty.

Giedo van der Garde - Caterham
van der Garde seriously impressed during Qualifying on Saturday where he made his way through to Q2 and qualified in 15th place. His good luck ended there though as he was in the pits shortly after the race started after making contact with Pastor Maldonado.
He spent the rest of the race at the back of the pack and finished 16th place and last, a good 10 seconds of Max Chilton who was in 15th place.

Perez was in route to a great result but maybe he tried too hard. 

Sergio Perez - McLaren-Mercedes

The mexican had an eventful race, gaining a position over his teammate within the opening laps of the race before being told by his team to give the place back a few laps later.
Later on in the race he made a fantastic move on his teammate catching him out going into the chicane.
A couple of laps later while trying to pass Fernando Alonso going into the chicane Alonso went straight on which allowed him to keep his position, Perez then gained the position back when Alonso was told to give the position back during the re-start.
The afternoon’s action wasn’t over just yet for the young Mexican who ended up in a tangle with Kimi Raikkonen again at the chicane, just a few laps before Perez was forced to retire due to a break issue.

Romain Grosjean - Lotus
The majority of Grosjean’s race was fairly quiet as he was stuck down in the midfield. On lap 62 his race was over after he misjudged his braking distance and ran into the back of Daniel Ricciardo coming out of the hairpin and into the chicane. The Frenchman was able to limp on for a couple of laps before retiring due to a damaged floor.

Daniel Ricciardo - Toro Rosso-STR
The young Australian had a fairly uneventful and quiet race until lap 62 when Romain Grosjean careered into the back of his Toro Rosso taking out his rear wing entirely, making it Ricciardo’s second non-finish of the season so far.

Jules Bianchi - Marussia
Like van der Garde poor Jules Bianchi had more than his share of bad luck. After failing to Qualify due to an airbox fire his car stopped on the grid during the warm up lap.
He then went on to make contact with Maldonado twice throughout the race and his race was ended on lap 60 when he crashed into the wall and Sainte Devote.

Pastor Maldonado - Williams
The action in Monaco got underway fairly quickly for Pastor Maldonado who was seen missing half of his front wing on the second lap due to contact with van der Garde. He then made contact with Jules Bianchi on lap 23 going into the chicane.
Maldonado’s race was fairly quiet between then and lap 46 when Max Chilton cut across him forcing him into the barrier. Thankfully the tecpro barrier surrounded his car which came in handy a matter of seconds later when Bianchi was left with nowhere to go and ran into the back of him. Thankfully Maldonado got out of the car and was unhurt.

Felipe Massa - Ferrari
Poor, poor Felipe Massa suffered an incident, which looked almost identical to the incident he suffered during FP3 on Saturday morning going into Sainte Devote. Thankfully the Brazilian wasn’t injured and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.
The two incidents looked identical, which is incredibly strange, hopefully if there’s a fault with the car the team will be able to fix it before the next race to prevent anything happening again.

Charles Pic - Caterham
Frenchman Charles Pic had a good start to the race and managed to make his way up from 18th place to 16th within a matter of laps. His race ended on lap 9 when his car was seen on fire in the entrance to the pitlane, after the race the team confirmed that he suffered a gearbox issue and the fire was due to the exhausts overheating.

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