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Formula One on One with Charles Pic

F1plus sat with the Frenchman for an interview that reflected a bit more about his personality and lifestyle.
Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13th, 2013 (F1plus/E. Black/ G. Roche).- F1Plus was recently at the Canadian GP and was fortunate enough to catch up with Charles Pic, current Caterham driver. 


F1Plus: Charles, where did you fly in from, to Montreal?
Charles Pic:
I flew from France, from home..South East yeah

F1Plus: What do you like to do on your free time, in between races?
Most of the time I'm doing F1 stuff, because even when you are not at races, you have training and visit at the factory with the engineers to prepare the next races and do the debriefing of the previous one. You have also the sponsor event day and take a lot of day. Then you have a few day relax and you spend them at home.

F1Plus: Yes but when you're home in relax mode, do you like to shoot billiards? watch movies? go dancing?
I like to spend time with friends and family. I go to cinema...I go to party sometime but not so much during the season.

F1Plus: What is your training schedule like? Do you train often?
You have a program to follow so every day you have to do something then after someday it's not training but you have recovery so you have to do some stuff to recover but every day is something.

F1Plus: What are the biggest different between GP2 cars and any other car you've raced for instance, F1?
I think the biggest change's in F1 it's all the other stuff you have to do while not driving. I mean, like in GP2, 90% of your job is driving cars. In F1 20% is driving the car and the rest is basically doing the F1 related non-driving activities.

F1Plus: Is there an area of your driving you would like to improve?
You need to improve every day..because it's what all the other drivers do , so if you don't improve yourself, you cannot be the best. You work everyday to improve yourself.

F1Plus: Which circuit represents the biggest challenge for you on the calendar?
Singapore. Because physically it's the toughest for sure. It is very hot and very humid and very long. It's really touch and its a street circuit so you don't have to make any mistakes.

F1Plus: would you like to see shorter races, say instead of 70 laps, perhaps 45?
No I think the length of the races are fine, is just for Singapore it's tough physically, but on the other hand its our job to be in physically ready and fit.

F1Plus: How difficult is it to go from a tight technical circuit like Monaco to a fast circuit like Canada?
It's make a difference but you have a few laps to adapt. It's not like you have to go out and do your qualy have some time to adapt so not too bad. The street circuit are not more technical they are just different, I think both are technical, you have new challenge on every race to be fast and to optimize your car at 100%. You restart each time from zero.

Charles Pic - The personal side

F1Plus: Ok, let's get off of the F1 topic and find out more Charles... So, do you have any favorite athletes?
No no, I don't have...personal favorites.

F1Plus: Are you a sports nut? Do you follow other sports?
Oh yes..I watch football, tennis, cyclism and rugby especially during world cup.

F1Plus: Football? What's your team?
Marseilles! I am very close to there.

F1Plus: So if you weren't an F1 driver, would you be a pro athlete? What do you think you might be doing with your time?
No I don't know. I never thought about this. Honestly, I never thought about this. I started at 10 in go-kart. It was my godfather who bought me my first go-kart. I love karting of course.

F1Plus: Ok, really tough one for you...What's your favorite cartoon? Tin Tin?
Tin Tin yeah yeah, I have the books at home.

F1Plus: What's on your iPod right now?
Music? I'm a bit open what I like is the new songs. I don't like to spend too much time on one song. I like, house, R&B, rock I'm quite open on the style...not opera though.

F1Plus: What was the last movie you watched? not the one on the plane on your flight here.
At the cinema... it was Iron Man, the new one. It was awesome. I saw it in 3D it was amazing.

F1Plus: Favorite movie of all time?
Thomas Crown affair...The Tourist...uh...Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp yeah.

F1Plus: If you could pick one historical moment you wish you could have witnessed...what would it be?
Oh tough one...maybe the Tour Eiffel? Building the Tour Eiffel..yeah I would like to see that.

F1Plus: If you could pick a different F1 era that you would like to have driven in, which one you have liked to race in?
Oh turbo era...Prost-Senna for sure..

F1Plus: You said Prost first...
Well you know...ha ha, well I'm French you know..ha haa

F1Plus: Well Charles, it's been an absolute pleasure to chat with you. All the best in the race tomorrow and the rest of the season.
Yeah Thank you guys, this was fun..nice questions. Thanks

Quick Bio

Age: 23
Date of birth: February 15, 1990
Place of birth: Montelimar, France
Nationality: French
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg (including race gear)
Official Bio:

Many thanks to Tom Webb and the great people at Caterham F1 for allowing us to sit down one on one with the young Frenchman.


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