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Kimi Raikkonen likely to quit F1 at end of Ferrari contract

The Finn lamented not being able to take part in other series while taking part in F1.
Thursday, July 3, 2014


SILVERSTONE, 3rd July, 2014 (F1 Plus / Graham Keilloh) - Kimi Raikkonen has said that he will ‘probably stop’ F1 at the end of his current Ferrari contract.


Speaking in Silverstone in advance of the British Grand Prix, upon being asked if he could envisage himself as remaining at Ferrari for a long time he replied ‘No, when my contract is finished then I probably will stop. That’s what I think is going to happen.’


At the time of its signing his Ferrari contract was reported as running until the end of the 2015 season.


Raikkonen – who previously spent two years competing in rallying as well as earlier this season lamented that it is much harder for modern F1 drivers to participate in other motorsport disciplines than was the case from their predecessors – returned to the subject today. 


‘I like many things’ said the Finn, ‘and I think there’s no harm, I think it doesn’t take away from F1. You always learn when you drive different things.


‘The teams are scared that we get hurt. In the past when I was in Ferrari I could not do rallies…I think it would be nice not just for us but for the spectators and the fans to see us do many things.’ 


Raikkonen also confirmed however that being able to do other motorsport series alongside F1 would not convince him to stay in F1 for longer.


When asked if he was planning a full-time return to rallying after leaving F1 Raikkonen said ‘I would like to do something like in the past and would like to see how difficult it is and try to do the best that that I can and not take it too seriously…not like Formula One. I follow the rallies…I know how difficult it is. 


‘There if you make a mistake it can cost you the rally, in here (F1) you run wide you lose three tenths on one lap’.


Raikkonen – after previously wearing a helmet designed in tribute to James Hunt as well as last weekend driving alongside John Surtees at Goodwood – also spoke of the difference between modern F1 and that of previous eras.


‘It was a different sport at that time. Much more dangerous. In a way more fun and open but it was completely different. Not the racing itself but the things around it.’


As for this weekend, Raikkonen does not expect that Silverstone will be the scene of an upturn of fortune for him or Ferrari: ‘(it’ll be) more or less the same as the other races’ he said.


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