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Button stands firm in face of Ron Dennis criticism

The Briton batted away Dennis' recent comments that he needs to try harder.
Friday, July 4, 2014


SILVERSTONE, 4th July 2014 (F1 Plus / Graham Keilloh) - Jenson Button is standing firm in the face of recent criticism from McLaren executive chairman Ron Dennis, wherein he had suggested that the Briton needs to ‘try harder’ as well as is having ‘a big wake-up call’ this season from his rookie team mate Kevin Magnussen.


In Silverstone on Thursday Button, in response to the barb quipped: ‘I think Ron’s practicing to be a motivational speaker maybe.’


He then went onto counter what Dennis had claimed about his efforts being lacking: ‘I don’t do things in half-measures’ he said.


‘I have the experience in Formula One to know that you need to give 100 per cent and I always do every time I’m in the paddock, at the factory, on the phone to my engineers. Everything is 100 per cent.’


Button hinted that in some degree Dennis was correct in his sentiments: ‘I think when we’re in the position that we have been in for 18 months, it’s not easy. For anyone within the team. It’s very, very difficult. So, no, I think we all need to work harder as a team.’


But Button also though it was wrong to single out individuals: ‘I don’t think we should be pointing a finger at any individual within the team. I think we’ve got ourselves into this situation and we’ve got to fight our way out.’


Kevin Magnussen meanwhile reckoned that Dennis was taking the correct approach by pushing his drivers for better results: ‘It’s good that Ron is putting pressure on us, that’s what is good about Ron being here as he puts everyone under a lot of pressure and you know you have to deliver’ said the young Dane. 


‘And I hope that everyone in the team feels the same way’ he went on, ‘as we are a good team, we just need to deliver everything we can, and we need to extract everything out of ourselves and do the best job possible and I think that’s the effect that Ron has. So I think it’s positive that he has this energy about him.


‘I feel really at home here and I feel that the team is very supportive of me…it just feels good being here.’


Magnussen also paid tribute to what Button offers to him: ‘We’ve got Jenson who is massively experienced. For me as a rookie coming into Formula One with not much testing, not much preparation, is tough so to have someone next to you who is very very experienced and very very good at looking after his tyres, setting up the car, managing his weekend, looking at that and learning from that is extremely useful.’


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