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Allison hopeful of a decisive Ferrari step for 2015

Within another disappointing campaign, Ferrari’s technical director spoke of the changes required to get the Scuderia back to the front
Saturday, July 19, 2014


HOCKENHEIM, 19th July 2014 (F1Plus / Graham Keilloh) - In the midst of another disappointing year for Ferrari, their technical director James Allison looked to the future and outlined what is being done to address the situation.


Allison was optimistic that Ferrari would make a ‘decisive step forward’ for 2015.


“In terms of design changes, I’m not going to go into that,” said Allison.


“But I sincerely hope that we will be able to make a decisive step forward with the car for next year”.


Allison also outlined that the relative shortcomings of this year’s F14 T were ‘fairly clear’, as well as varied.


“Our weak spots are fairly clear, we don’t have as much downforce as the people that are quicker than us,


"we don’t have as much power as the people that are quicker than us, and our car is too tricky to drive, it’s got too loose a rear end, and as a consequence even with two drivers who are extremely sensitive drivers and very gentle on tyres it tends to chew its tyres really quickly. 


“So, very easy to point out where those weaknesses are; somewhat harder to set out a programme to address it, but that’s what we have to do.”


In terms of the changes being made at Ferrari on his watch to help get the team back to winning ways, Allison indicated that these were more a collection of small changes rather than a small number of large ones. But he was confident that this is the way to go.


“You need to make big changes and small changes at the same time” he said.


“Any team in F1, any of them, good or bad, are all pretty impressive organisations and it’s actually much much easier to make them worse than it is to make them better.


“So the changes that need to be made in an absolute sense are quite small, but there’s lots of them and they’ve been happening for some months.


"Marco’s (Mattiacci) arrival has helped to galvanise more of them, and across the board at Ferrari there are changes that are extremely helpful to moving us in the right direction.


“If you were to come and sit alongside me or any of the other senior figures in Ferrari and watch the changes that are being made you’d think ‘well that doesn’t look very big, that doesn’t look very big either’,


"but by the time you’ve got the totality of them they add up to something significant, and when you’re in a sport that’s very competitive all those little things add up to making a big difference.”


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