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Boullier – McLaren didn’t push for FRIC ban

Eric Boullier hits back at suggestions that McLaren did much of the pressurising for the FRIC suspension ban
Saturday, July 19, 2014


HOCKENHEIM, 19th July 2014 (F1Plus / Graham Keilloh) McLaren team racing director Eric Boullier has hit back at rumours that McLaren had done much of the pushing to get the FRIC system outlawed


Charlie Whiting issued a technical directive after Silverstone saying that the suspension system, in his view, against the regulations and that those who ran it risked a protest. Rumours followed that McLaren had tried to get the FRIC banned. 


“Clearly that was bulls**t” he said. “We never ever talked to the FIA before the TD (technical directive) was released. So this rumour is completely wrong.


“Who started the rumour? Obviously it’s someone who needed to find an excuse because he failed maybe somewhere.”


He did confirm however that the McLaren FRIC system was less advanced that those of some rival teams, as well as hinted at why he felt the system had fallen foul of the authorities.


“Our FRIC system was not as extreme maybe as some other teams and don’t forget that if the FIA decided to stop it there was a reason why.


"Our FRIC was designed to help the ride height and the driver of the car, rather than something else.”


Boullier also insisted that McLaren’s recent improvement, including Kevin Magnussen qualifying in fourth place today, was explained by incremental improvement to the car over several recent races.


“It’s not a new rear wing (only), it’s everything, every bits we’ve brought on the car since now the first race. Every race we bring a couple of tenths and I think the package starts to work at one stage and then you start to show up in the hierarchy.


“If you look back the last three months, between Canada and Austria maybe you didn’t see much, but all these races we brought new parts and downforce and you come back to a normal (higher downforce) track you just step up a couple of positions.”


Meanwhile Magnussen was well pleased with his effort.


“Today it (the car) felt very good, I really was able to push, and really drive it like a go kart! The new bits on the car have worked and we got the most out of it.”


Things were less positive for Jenson Button who languished in P11. “I’ve struggled most of the weekend to try and find a balance” he said.


“Obviously I wouldn’t have had Kevin’s pace I don’t think but I think we could have been a bit higher. But I got traffic from Grosjean in the last sector that cost me a couple of tenths, that hurt.”


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